Production Inc.

Premium Design and Procurement

Do you need premiums for your organization’s special events – such as T-shirts, Tote Bags, Pens, Watches, or any other premiums?

Whether you need 100 T-shirts, 10,000 T-shirts or 100,000 T-shirts — when it comes to premiums. . . NO job is too large or too small. We can even personalize your premiums. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to provide a quote tailored to your needs.

Have you ever wanted to mail upfront premiums in your direct mail packages, but didn’t know who to call or where to begin?

Let Production Inc. guide you through every step from A to Z – it’s easier than you think! For over 18 years, Production Inc. has mailed millions of upfront premiums for numerous direct mail clients here in the United States, as well as abroad.

Some of our international upfront premium mailings have brought in 10%, 20% — even a 30% response rate! Our prices are cost effective and, with just one mailing, you can add thousands of additional donors to your house file than with conventional mailings.

MDG pioneered the use of high-velocity upfront premiums globally — we’ll be glad to meet with you and your staff to brainstorm premium ideas and provide you with cost estimates for your next project.

Call us today — you have so much to gain, and nothing to lose.

Some of our many premium items:

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