Capital Campaign Division Services

Strategy to Cultivate, Experience to Harvest

Bricks and mortar, endowment, debt reduction – no matter what the dream, there is only one outcome that matters: success.

It’s a simple formula that requires meticulous planning and hard work to achieve. Through the services offered by our capital campaign division, MDG provides the strategic and operational support necessary to help clients build much more than buildings – our proven methodologies and experienced leadership build a foundation for lasting fundraising success.

Capital Campaign Direction

MDG’s capital campaign direction is a comprehensive service covering all aspects of campaign operations. We provide whatever operational and strategic help necessary to ensure that the campaign remains on schedule, on budget, and – most importantly – over goal.

Clients select MDG because the process of developing and executing fundraising programs is a tremendous amount of work. Successful programs require copious research, writing, organization, analysis, follow-up and time. The operational burden of preparing for and conducting this work is often too much for even a robust development staff of 5 to 10 employees to handle.

MDG provides clients with a single contact, but the support of our many resources. We are creative, innovative and efficient and develop cost-effective solutions to a variety of fundraising challenges.

While engaged, MDG’s responsibilities include:

  • Development of the campaign case
  • Prospect research
  • Volunteer training
  • Coordination of campaign leadership
  • Drafting of all campaign correspondence and communication
  • Development of major gift strategies
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Preparation of all agendas and talking points
  • Campaign promotion
  • Participation in key solicitations

Beyond the operational benefits of our service, we believe we distinguish ourselves in other ways that support operations and help clients achieve long-term success. To learn more about how we can help your organization achieve success, please contact us.

Consultative Agreements

Occasionally a client’s needs fall outside of the scope of a campaign or study. Consultative agreements create custom solutions to a variety of fundraising and development issues. So whether the challenge is a sagging annual fund, tired fundraising materials, or a wish to launch a stewardship program – we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how specific solutions to meet your challenges.

Feasibility and Planning Studies

A fundraising feasibility and planning study is a powerful tool that helps answer critical questions about organizational perceptions, fundraising preparedness, and fundraising potential.

The answers to these questions yield powerful information – creating an objective snapshot – which when evaluated and analyzed by MDG form the basis of the study’s comprehensive set of recommendations.

Equally important, studies serve as a valuable cultivation tool. They establish a dialogue with donors that helps to create a sense of buy-in and engagement that is rarely possible on such a large scale.

By engaging in an MDG-directed study, nonprofit organizations emerge with a clear plan of action and a quantitative set of data regarding their campaign readiness and any impediments to fundraising success.

Please contact us to learn more about the study process.